Hello everyone! I am Alex Lau Chi Wai, the chairman of Shatin Shapei Rugby Football Club.Chairman

Our vision is to let our children learn and experience rugby in a fun and enjoyable way. Our children will learn and understand the skills and rules of rugby through games and training activities that are specifically programmed in a way that is easy for them to understand. We also encourage parents’ participation such that, through rugby, they could enhance their bonding with their children. With the parents’ voluntary involvement, we also hope that our children could appreciate and learn to be part of a group and always be ready to contribute for the well being of others. We would also like to emphasize that, as members of Sha Pei, we considered ourselves as a sports team, rather than a group that offer short term interest course or summer class. We require commitment from all participants to attend regular training and to strictly comply with the instruction and guidance from our coaches.

Childhood is short and valuable. There is nothing better for children to learn, develop and experience the fun of rugby with their fellow teammates and to grow up embracing all the good quality of rugby. If you are interested in mini rugby and share the same value as ours, please come and join us for a trial session.